Hello, I'm Assitan!

My name is Assitan Koné, and I'm the founder and CEO of Codistwa.
I have been a software engineer since 2013 and trained in AI in 2020. I love creating chatbots.
My passion for coding and helping people improve their tech skills drive my days.
As a digital arts graduate, I love explaining machine learning concepts with illustrations.

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Our values

#1 Commitment

Our promise to our learners.

#2 Community

Where machine learning learners come together to grow and succeed. A supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can learn from each other.

#3 Empathy & Inclusion

Creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

A few facts about me

I speak 3 languages đź’¬

I speak French, Creole, and English

From an island 🏝️

I was born and raised in Martinique

I love roller skating 🛼

A fun way of dancing
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