Data Science Projects Academy - Pre Sale

How to create real-world projects that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, enabling you to build a strong portfolio.
What if you embark on a transformative journey into the world of Data Science and build a portfolio of impactful projects that will propel your career forward?

That's the reality when you get efficient learning paths that optimize your time, allowing you to grasp the fundamentals without feeling overwhelmed.

You will receive personalized guidance, get access to a wealth of resources and support to accelerate your learning, and eventually build a network of aspiring and experienced Data scientists.
Together, inside Data Science Projects Academy, you will: 
  • đŸ”„ Brainstorm and refine project ideas aligned with your interests and career goals with our 24 mentorship sessions
  • đŸ”„Master the fundamentals of data science, from data collection and cleaning to machine learning modeling and interpretation
  • đŸ”„Gain hands-on experience through practical project implementations
  • đŸ”„Develop a strong portfolio of data science projects that will make you a stand-out candidate in the competitive job market.
  • đŸ”„Get access to a private community to get help, gain support from me and other aspiring data scientists like you. Or inspiration and answers to your questions.
  • Machine Learning Workflow Mastery (value: $97)
  • Monthly Mentorship sessions (value: $3600)
  • Community(value: $300)
  • Exclusive Educational Projects Walkthrough (value: $297)
  • Masterclasses (value: $10)

Pay once $997 and save $167 


Pay 12 installments of $97

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