Why Codistwa?

Staying motivated to learn new things is not easy. Thus Codistwa presents a method that explains Data Science in a funnel form, first in a global way with the help of cartoons, then refined with the presentation of the code that can be modified. Finally, that encourages interactivity with the help of an interactive module and a virtual guide. Complex lines of code are explained with the help of annotations and can be manipulated, unlike traditional video courses. The goal is to make this type of course fun because it must be admitted that it can be pretty boring and therefore not very motivating, especially for Data Science.

The founder of Codistwa has been working in IT since 2013 as a web developer and then software engineer. She has worked in different companies such as e-commerce, agency, and start-ups. Passionate about code and algorithms, she trained in data science mainly with the help of books.

Her background is atypical as she spent a good part of her studies studying visual arts. So, before making the transition to computer science, she obtained a degree in digital arts. While training in Data Science, she realized that it is pretty challenging to visualize the concepts, which are very academic and theoretical. One does not necessarily understand what certain functionalities are used for because the concepts are often skimmed over. In general, it was a lot of self-training during my career because I constantly wanted to improve my skills. She used several platforms, interactive sites, blogs, and video tutorials. Unfortunately, I found courses that were not necessarily up to date and not explained in a precise way.

So here is the birth of Codistwa, a mix of code, digital arts, and career advice.